About Sub_Urban Images and Soundscapes

The basis of my work is a convergence of visual and aural elements, with music, text and imaging playing key roles. The main issues I am hoping to communicate are those of the human existence as it presents itself in an ever more complex world. Issues such as loneliness, isolation, cruelty and sexual repression are recurring concepts for me. I try to bring to light the individual dead ends faced by each and every person on a daily basis and juxtapose them with the natural and the built, even virtual environment in which our personalities and lives really are now shaped. Memory, personal or collective, oblivion and playfulness, are some of the elements I use  as tools to provide an introspective look at my own bewildered and agonising self and as a catalyst for my communication with others who might share the same, slightly dark but humorous, perception of the world.
If you need to contact me for assignments or just to say hi use: suburbanimages@yahoo.gr or complete the following form: 
Thank you!
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