Reframed Lives

For the past year I have been working closely with refugees, through the UNHCR. Listening to them reciting their personal stories, unfolding tales of hardship and often hope. During this time I have come to realize that this is a group of people for whom memory, both personal and collective, plays an extremely important role in daily live. They are constantly reframing their perception of the past according to their current situation and feelings. They literally live their lives trapped on an ever-shifting border between past and present. The people who work with them however are also in a reframing process because their own memory is reshaped through the previously “alien” experiences of refugees and migrants. In this series I present fourteen portraits, twelve of refugees and two of persons who are involved with them through their work as social worker and teacher respectively. All images appear courtesy of ©UNHCR/Christos Tolis

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